Soldier Turned Entrepreneur and Now Activist

Delegate David Bulova and Delegate Paul Krizek visit Woodlawn Press Winery before the Subcommittee vote on SB 441 last weekend.

I’m just a Bill.. on Capitol Hill..

For those like us who are closely following Senate Bill 441 (SB 441), we’re pleased to share the Bill passed the Virginia House General Laws Committee. This means the Bill will go to the Virginia House of Delegates for a vote, and if successful, will go to the Virginia Governor to sign into law. If this happens, it will be a big win for us so we can continue to grow our offerings at the winery.

For those not following and are wondering why we care about SB 441, the Bill was introduced in January 2020 by Senator Scott Surovell to provide craft wine manufacturers like us, who do not use Virginia fruit to make wine (not currently anyways!), with the ability to sell wine by the glass or bottle on site at the winery premises. This Bill started as an idea and journeyed its way through lots of emails, phone calls, and conversations all the way through the Virginia Senate and to the Virginia House of Delegates for vote next week. We don’t know if it will pass, but we’re excited the Bill made it this far since we have zero political clout that would usually enable something like this happen.

From Army to Wine

We can’t believe how we got here, especially as we reflect on Andrew’s almost career in the Army. I think he received a lot of pressure to stay in the military when he decided to separate from the Army because he could have had a successful career in the military. Despite this opportunity, Andrew was firm in his choice to separate because he recognized he had to leave all he knew as a soldier to reach the potential he believed he had. He didn’t have a plan or a strategy then, but his fortitude has been a constant in his personal growth since then. The road was bumpy and little messy, but Andrew is now your local vintner by day, serving the best craft wines you can find locally, and political activist by night, standing up for the little guys like us on Capitol Hill! I would never have never guessed this former soldier would make such transformations in life.


Pictured left: Andrew and Maria, Owner of the Virginia Beach Winery, at the State Capitol to advocate for SB 441. 

Pictured Right: Senator Scott Surovell visiting Andrew at Woodlawn Press Winery before introducing SB 441 to the Senate Subcommittee. 

The Sky is Not the Limit

I suppose most stories have a lesson, so here is ours: don’t let your minds be the limiting factor for your potential in life. You have to believe the impossible is possible if you want to make waves in this world, so we dare you to think big and be bold. It has served this once soldier, and now entrepreneur and activist, well.


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  1. As a retired Navy CAPT, and a descendant of a small time winemaker, my grandfather [who served in the Army during WWI], I say “Keep chargin’!” I have only recently learned of your craft wines and plan to stop by near term. All the best!

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