Wine and COVID-19


Does anyone else feel like we’re in the middle of a biblical plague with the spread of COVID-19? It’s a little unreal how quickly everyone’s lives have changed literally overnight to implement precautions against COVID-19. Woodlawn Press Winery is no different and didn’t escape the changes.


Many of you are probably aware that we’ve taken our craft wine mobile, offering free local delivery to Northern Virginia.  I’m seeing a lot of our local small business friends follow suit, providing virtual, pickup, or delivery services and encouraging people to STAY PUT at home. Although change breeds opportunity, I’m the first to admit change can be hard. I’m not sure if we would have considered wine delivery outside of the current circumstances, but we’ve managed to find new strength and opportunity in the midst of this adversity. It has been ever changing, uncomfortable, a little anxiety driven, and kind of rewarding at the same time. I’ve realized more than ever there is no point in worrying about the things I cannot control and to keep moving.



I think there may be a blessing in disguise with all of this though. What other chance will I have in my lifetime to spend as much time at home with my family since schools are closed and most businesses rapidly transitioned to 100% telework? And who knew NOVA traffic problems would be solved if people did less driving? This is a rare opportunity to slow down and be present, perhaps with your favorite glass of wine.



With that, here’s my shameless plug: Andrew is still making you your favorite wines, which are available for FREE delivery and pickup to the Northern Virginia area. Use promo code 10OFF100 for $10 off a $100 purchase. CLICK HERE to order now!

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